Kirsty Taylor

Finance Manager

Kirsty Taylor

Kirsty started at OSL as a Finance Admin Assistant and quickly progressed to Finance Controller. She achieved her MAAT accreditation with OSL and was then promoted to Senior Finance Controller managing the finance team. She has continued to make an impression with her positive attitude and calm approach to her work.

“I have grown into the senior role I do today, thanks to the support and progression opportunities I have received. OSL has a positive workplace culture where everyone is recognised and appreciated. I enjoy my job, the interactions I have with other departments and how we work collectively together in contributing to current and future success. I am grateful for the opportunities and recognition I have received from OSL throughout the last 10 years and look forward to many more years with the team,” said Kirsty Taylor.

“With the extensive knowledge and experience that Kirsty has gained in the business, it was no surprise that she moved into a senior management position in the business as Finance Manager. This progression is a testament to Kirsty's attitude, leadership, and enjoyment of working in the business. She is and continues to be a valued member of OSL,” said Alastair Robertson, Managing Director.

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