Energy Transition

The Energy Transition where lower carbon and green derived fuels such as hydrogen and renewable electricity from sources like wind and solar displace and reduce conventional hydrocarbons for heating and power generation is gathering pace.

Energy transition

In parallel, whilst energy costs have always been a focus for the industries we work in, escalating costs and increased environmental pressures drive further efficiency improvement and process route changes. All companies, especially Manufacturing and Energy firms, face tremendous pressure to commit to decarbonisation and achieve real carbon neutrality in their businesses.

OSL’s wide range of industry knowledge of energy intensive plants and operations, electrical power supply systems, gas processing and compression has enabled us to take a significant role in a variety of projects connected with this rapidly evolving sector.

OSL can provide expertise to support you with:

OSL’s innovative team has worked with clients to develop new ideas, transitioning them from early concept to commercial designs and offering a truly rounded advisory capability.

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