Energy Efficiency

The drive for energy efficiency is more closely linked than before to efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce global warming, and using renewable green energy sources. Intensifying regulations, economic penalties and stakeholder expectations require companies to develop energy improvement strategies supported by a sound techno-economic analysis.

Oilrefinery industryzone

The OSL team have proven project evaluation techniques and our patented DecRisk Integrated Projects® suite of tools to help clients navigate this journey and make the right investment choices.

OSL has delivered projects achieving increased energy recovery and efficiency via waste heat recovery for supplementary power generation and substituting fired equipment used for process heating.

Our expert team of engineers have also developed designs for electric driven gas compressors, rather than the conventional gas turbine driven units, thereby eliminating CO2 emissions.

The drive for decarbonisation is global. Nigeria has an active programme to achieve net-zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions across various industries, including its significant hydrocarbon industry. OSL have been actively working with companies in Nigeria to design plant to eliminate gas flaring and CO2 penalties by recovering the gas.

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