OSL have experience in concept, FEED and detailed design of LNG projects for clients around the world.

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LNG’s emergence as a lower carbon fuel which can be transported from remote locations and regasified for use in industrial and domestic applications, as well as displacing other fuels in off-grid applications, has seen an increase in nature and size of projects. OSL has been at the forefront of design for small scale LNG terminals, high pressure LNG off loading, and ship to shore transfer.

Aside from LNG, natural gas production often results in valuable hydrocarbon liquids which are separated and fractionated into various products such as LPG, Propane, Butane, NGL's. OSL has expertise in separation, fractionation, treatment, storage and transport of LPG and other liquid gas components.

Our expertise in this sector encompasses:

  • LNG Regasification 
  • Boil-Off Gas Management
  • Small Scale LNG Production
  • LNG Truck Loading
  • LNG Transfer – Ship to Shore, Shore to Ship, Ship to Ship
  • LPG Bulk Storage and Blending
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