Clever Thinking®

Inspired by the lateral thinking of Edward De Bono and great engineers and inventors of all times, Clever Thinking® is the unique discovery journey we take our clients on to find out the best way to work with them and to achieve a winning outcome.

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Using this unique methodology and suite of risk analysis tools DECrisk®, the OSL team have supported clients to make informed investments and delivered award winning advice and designs on four continents for over 16 years.

At OSL we bring Clever Thinking® into all our work. At the outset of a project, and particularly in early project phases when the benefits are greatest, we are always looking to ensure we design the right solution for the right project by challenging the perceptions around what is being asked. 

Once we are sure we have the right project definition, we use our suite of creative tools and techniques to generate ideas and options through a structured brainstorming process. We provide a balanced assessment of the options presented and, using the breadth of experienced and views in our team, are able to categorise, refine and rank them to determine the best design solution; do the right project and do the project right. At OSL we truly embrace our culture of creating solutions by sharing ideas in all of our work.

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