Natural Gas Processing

We recognise that the gas, oil and energy market is changing and that there is a requirement to extend field life, extract more reserves and develop more marginal opportunities whilst minimising emissions.

Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control

Our experience is particularly valuable in the current climate, where asset owners may not have the in-house resources or detailed technical facility knowledge to robustly determine the optimal process scheme, costs and timescale to get gas to market.

OSL has extensive experience in developing designs for gas production, gas gathering and processing. We have completed new and brownfield designs for offshore platforms, subsea separation, onshore terminals, flare gas recovery, and underground gas storage plant. We are the leading authority in the design and optimisation of gas compression systems both on and offshore.

Our expertise in this sector encompasses:

  • Gas Processing
  • Separation
  • Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control
  • Condensate Recovery & Stabilisation
  • Gas Dehydration
  • Process Integration and Optimisation
  • Hydrocarbon Recovery and Fractionation
  • Compression Systems

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