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OSL is often asked to support a company’s in-house team to address a particular problem or to provide support during a particular phase of a project. 

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OSL’s team have the experience and flexibility to support clients in a variety of roles including:

Owners Engineer:

In this role OSL’s team can act on your behalf with your interests at heart, providing the reassurance and expertise to oversee another design group’s deliverables and to ensure they are on track to deliver the scope to the required quality and content.

Design Validation:

In this role OSL’s team use their experience and knowledge to review a delivered scope to ensure it complies with the expected quality, achieves compliance with standards and includes the appropriate content for the design stage. This can extend to a review of the “HOLD’s” in the design and the risks these present to cost and schedule certainty

Technical Due Diligence:

OSL has extensive experience providing TDD services to advise Clients on the technical suitability of assets prior to purchase.

Our work includes a review of the current asset performance comprising status of equipment by visual inspection, review of inspection reports and maintenance backlog; environmental and technical safety management performance , personnel and business processes, engineering documentation status; as well as the review of the operating and capital budgets in order to validate the forward maintenance, proposed capex plans and future expenditure requirements.

The outcome of our services identifies whether an asset has a good management structure and adequate policies and procedures in place to ensure that it is well operated and maintained with which to support an investment decision.

Commissioning support:

In the important transition from construction to operation it’s necessary to ensure that a plant is commissioned, and all the equipment, instrumentation and controls function properly. OSL can prepare commissioning procedures and provide engineers to support with the on-site commissioning, co-ordinating the input of package vendors. This gives owners the confidence and auditability that commissioning has been thoroughly executed to enable safe start-up and operation.

Third Party Development / R&D Commercialisation:

Our engineers at OSL have an insightful perspective towards creating valuable solutions. This is due to our different industrial backgrounds as well as the company philosophy ofClever Thinking®. OSL continues to invest in the development of new advanced technologies and innovative processes.

Our services are focused on maximising benefit to our clients, we attain this target by:

  • Developing advanced innovation and technology strategies
  • Identifying new opportunities through technology foresight
  • Creating a culture of innovation; Clever Thinking®

OSL are well positioned to collaborate with local academic institutions, to utilise their expertise and deliver innovative solutions for our clients. Our experience in dealing with numerous clients who have different needs leads us to create custom solutions. Mindful of the challenges facing the energy industry,we look to develop innovative solutions and technologies, some of which may present opportunities for patent protection.

OSL have supported a variety of companies in developing and commercialising ideas for new processes. These have ranged from bench scale development for novel fuel generation, use of natural gas as a feedstock for new high value products, conversion of waste tyres to valuable products supporting the circular economy, and alternative CO2 capture technologies.

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