MentoringOSL operates a mentoring scheme which is championed by our Principal Directors, Alastair Robertson and Nick Jones. The scheme is designed to pair junior consultants and engineers with senior staff members and Principal Directors to give advice and support whilst sharing the techniques and experiences that got them where they are today. The scheme also encourages open communications and mutual development.

Designed to enhance new employees’ career development and progression, they will learn alternative options and points of view from experienced staff members to find the best solutions for individual projects. Paired employees are encouraged to get together each month to go through technical information, work on specific projects, and to discuss client management techniques. This will also develop their understanding of the way OSL operates as well as increasing confidence through constructive feedback. It is a safe environment to test out ideas and can provide an insight into senior roles.

Mentors benefit from a sense of satisfaction in helping to develop the potential of others while gaining a different perspective through listening to the views of staff and developing their own coaching and interpersonal skills.

At OSL, everyone has the opportunity to discover their true potential.