Feasibilty & Concept Studies

Feasibility and Concept studies are at the forefront of OSL core skills, working with our clients to bridge the path between an investment idea and a concept for development. Feasibility studies enable our clients to make informed decisions; often saving companies’ and stakeholders’ time, money and effort throughout the life of a project.

At the feasibility stage, various options are evaluated from a technical, economic and safety perspective. The various drivers for the project are featured in the evaluation as well as several sensitivities carried out to fully understand all underlying risks.

Some of the key objectives that OSL employ when framing feasibility studies are:

  • Understanding the client’s key business drivers and the underlying critical success factors.
  • Assessing the strategic, economical, operational and social risks associated with the project in order to evaluate the entire project lifecycle
  • Understanding the key technologies (established and/or novel) involved in order to perform a cost/benefit analysis.
  • Assessing the technical requirements of the project and derive an understanding of the key challenges from a resource to operational basis.

At the conceptual stage, OSL will progress the project if deemed feasible to add more definition in order to develop a concept design and identify all options for evaluation. The concept design is where OSL can really apply its ‘Clever Thinking’ philosophy and add value to our clients. The conceptual stage of the project can include:

  • Process modelling
  • Selection of a Process Scheme
  • Process Justification
  • Selection of Major Equipment
  • Initial liaison with vendors for long lead item in particular

OSL has performed a portfolio of Feasibility and Concept studies that enabled our clients to make informed decision on their investment decision. We have a pool of resources that brings a wealth of experience that allows OSL to target any applications within the energy industry. OSL has experience of executing projects at all levels along the project lifecycle from the feasibility and concept stages to Front End Engineering Design (FEED).