Shedding the Pounds as a Team Effort

Shedding the Pounds as a Team Effort

OSL has a long history of organising health and fitness actiity for its staff. This year Chief Process Engineer Jay Parekh decided to take charge of a ten-week weight loss challenge, which delivered some excellent results. 

We caught up with Jay to find out more and share some of the key wins.

Where did the idea come from?

I had participated in a similar competition at a previous company, so thought it would work well here. It's a ten-week competition. Everyone has a starting weigh-in and then sets their personal target after ten weeks.

The person that loses the most weight wins a prize, and the person that gets closest to their target weight wins an amount too.

How did you encourage its continuity?

Weekly weigh-ins were part of the competition rules, with a fine for not losing weight or submitting a weight. Weekly updates helped to show each member's progress toward their personal target, as well as motivate them and others.

What approaches did staff take to losing weight?

Some have dieted, others have started exercising and a few have done both. Overall, everyone has agreed that it was very useful for them, regardless of how much they lost. It was a great method of getting their health into focus.

Who did the best?

I actually lost 11.13% of my original weight, against a target of 8.57%. Sam, Sarah and Antoinette all hit their target weights on the dot, so they shared the second prize. 

Are any staff members continuing their new health regime?

Several people have expressed a desire to continue with the weigh-ins, with all future fines going to charity.

I have also kicked off another challenge to get people to keep going – we are going to run Hull 10K in June.

More information about OSL's sponsored Hull 10K run will be shared soon.