OSL Prepares to Wear it Pink

OSL Prepares to Wear it Pink

Our teams are passionate about getting involved in special activity that promotes worthy causes and raises funds for essential work. From marathons to bake sales, this year has seen OSL get behind multiple events, and later this month we’ll be taking part in something vibrant for Breast Cancer Now. 

Friday 20 October is Wear it Pink Day, an event created by the charity that catches the eye, promotes an important message, and is very easy to get involved in. At OSL, we’ll be wearing something pink on the day, from a shirt or dress, to a smaller item such as a tie or shoes. Meanwhile, some of our team are bringing in homemade buns and cakes, which we’re sure you’ll have guessed will include plenty of pink icing. These buns will be for sale on the day, plus we’ll include them in the Pink Draw, which will raise further pounds for the cause. 

Breast cancer is a very serious issue, but the good news is that it has reached a tipping point due to this type of proactive activity. More women are now surviving, but more are also being diagnosed than ever before. One in eight women in the UK will face breast cancer in their lifetime, with one woman dying from the disease every 45 minutes. These numbers can seem frightening, which is why organisations such as Breast Cancer Now need as many people as possible to campaign and fundraise.

By taking part in any way you can, you’ll be helping the continuation and development of life-changing research into this devastating disease. Meanwhile, awareness fuels conversation, which can go a long way to more people taking preventative action and seeking advice in the earlier stages of breast cancer. This in itself can save lives; so the more we talk about the disease, the more we’re helping to combat it.

We’ll be sharing photos of our involvement in Wear it Pink Day on our Facebook and Twitter channels. If you do the same, make sure to include the hashtag #wearitpink, as this will help the conversation to spread far and wide.