It Takes Two to Tandem

It Takes Two to Tandem

OSL supports a variety of charities through all kinds of activity, from a weekly Dress Down Friday, to sponsoring team members such as Graduate Process Engineer Jonny Elvidge and his recent bike ride. 

On Sunday 6th September, Jonny and his friends cycled from London to Brighton, which is a popular and especially scenic route popular with riders. What made it unique was that they rode tandems all the way, so Jonny paired up with his friend Guy Patton to take part in a real team effort. The group did this to raise funds in aid of Care International, with donations helping to rebuild areas and provide much needed support in Nepal after an earthquake destroyed homes, roads and key infrastructure, killing thousands and leaving hundreds of thousands in desperate need of assistance. Setting themselves a respectable target of £800, they were confident it could be achieved with help from their friends, families and coworkers. 

On the morning of the 50-mile ride the sun was shining and the riders were raring to go. They embarked on their journey, made good headway and weren’t beaten by the hills, not even the infamous Ditchling Beacon at the end. However, one of the tandems didn’t make it all the way due to a burst tyre, yet still the group carried on toward the finish line. The journey took 5.5 hours, which isn’t bad considering that Jonny isn’t a cyclist and had to visit the exercise bikes at the gym in preparation for a few weeks prior. 

Jonny said: “It was great fun and I’d definitely do it again. We just need to take more notice of the man at the bike rental shop next time, such as when he advised that our friend’s tandem could easily spring a puncture!” 

OSL was one of many to sponsor the team, helping them to not only reach their goal, but actually more than double it, with the grand total currently standing at over £2,000. The event was much larger than just Jonny and his friends, with more than 2,000 people coming together to fundraise for a range of beneficiaries. However, most people stuck to bikes with just the one rider, making Jonny’s group stand out from the rest. 

Operations Manager Neil Barnard said: “We’re very pleased to see how much our engineers and team members do to raise money for charity. The dedication and expertise that they apply in the workplace is regularly extended to raising money for worthy causes.” 

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