Healthy Competition Keeps Our Staff Motivated

Healthy Competition Keeps Our Staff Motivated

At OSL, we believe that a workforce requires many things to remain strong. The most obvious factors are access to knowledge, advice, mentoring and growth opportunities inside the business, alongside the availability of workshops, talks and other events delivered by external parties, such as the IChemE and IMechE.

Next is a culture of openness, which goes beyond an open-door policy and encourages all employees to voice any ideas, concerns or opinions that they have in a safe and natural environment. Through honest discussion and mutual respect, over the years our engineers have been able to come up with amazing ideas and deliver some of their best work.

Last but not least, we encourage other activities that promote teambuilding, strengthen friendships, or simply add a little extra excitement to the working week. An excellent example of this is our Fantasy Football league, which has been running for three years.

With previous winners being Process Engineer Abdullah Khan and Principal Director Alastair Robertson, this year saw Lead Process Engineer Jay Parekh hold the trophy aloft his triumphant shoulders.

“The Fantasy Football league is great fun,” says Alastair Robertson, Principal Director. “Many of our team members get involved and you can see how excited people are over it. Whilst a simple online activity, we believe that it contributes to a philosophy of involvement and collaboration that makes OSL the success it is today.”

Pictured is Jay with his trophy, which will bear his name for an entire year. But who knows what will happen in the 2017/18 season? We’ll all have to just wait and see.