Christmas Dinner Under the Sea

Christmas Dinner Under the Sea

The Deep in Hull is the world’s only submarium. The term was coined because the venue presents the following: allows visitors to walk under the water tanks via a viewing tunnel (sub); contains a vast and diverse amount of marine life and hosts multiple marine conservation projects (mar); combines the three concepts of planetarium, aquarium and vivarium (ium). Overlooking the shimmering Humber and located directly across from the newly opened C4DI (Centre for Digital Innovation) in the heart of Hull’s cultural Fruit Market, The Deep is a truly inspiring place.

The OSL Christmas meal took place during what has been an extremely busy season. The last few weeks have included us delivering a talk at The Future of North Sea Oil and Gas in our capacity as a sponsor; further strengthening our bond with Hull University through a range of activities; taking on our second Arkwright Scholar in Sheffield pupil Luke Middleton; and proudly becoming a Silver Corporate Partner of the IChemE (more details of this achievement will be shared in January 2016). As was to be expected, the meal was cause for celebration and the atmosphere proved truly festive, especially when the friendly and professional catering team brought out our wonderful meals.

OSL’s directors, Alastair Robertson and Nick Jones, decided to take this opportunity to mingle as much as possible with the team. This was achieved through them each moving to a different table after each course, which also helped the conversation to flow throughout the night. Everyone had a fantastic time and we’d like to thank The Deep for putting on the perfect Christmas party in fascinating surroundings, which house thousands of fish, rays, sharks and even penguins.

We’d also like to thank our clients, contractors and collaborators for what has been an exceptionally successful year for our company. 2015 has seen us take on more new staff, graduates and placements than ever before, attend a variety of events, deliver numerous student workshops, provide a comprehensive range of capabilities, and begin to develop in new areas such as Third Party Tech Safety.

On behalf of everyone at OSL, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2016 and beyond.