Onshore Gas Terminal

Onshore Gas Terminals receive gas from natural gas import from Europe, EIS and the UKCS.  The gas received at the terminals is conditioned to meet the specification of the National Transmission System. There is range of processes involved to treat the gas before being exported as sales gas and stabilisation of the hydrocarbon liquids prior to export as a by-product.

OSL has been involved in a wide variety of projects at different onshore gas terminals in the UK. Specifically, OSL has been involved with Shell and Perenco Bacton Gas Plants (Bacton), Easington and Dimlington Terminal (Easington), Rivers Terminal (Barrow in Furness) and Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal (Theddlethorpe). We offer solutions in the design and engineering of gas treatment processes used at these terminals. OSL has an excellent track record in the following processes:

  • Multiphase (gas, liquids) reception, separation and sphere handling
  • Natural gas compression and dehydration (Refrigeration through turbo-expander, Joules-Thomson technology)
  • Sales gas filtration and fiscal metering
  • Condensate stabilisation
  • Flash Gas Recovery and Recycling
  • Methanol Recovery
  • Sulphur removal (gas sweetening)
  • Corrosion inhibitor injection
  • Formation water removal, treatment and disposal
  • Meters/regulators/valve stations

OSL has extensive experience in onshore concepts providing process, mechanical, electrical and C&I (Control & Instrumentation) services. These services range from engineering troubleshooting, debottlenecking, feasibility studies and conceptual engineering to construction supervision, commissioning to modifications, maintenance and operations for onshore gas terminals.

Our team of engineers and industry professionals develop innovative onshore concepts in collaboration with suppliers and customers. We focus on optimising process design and plant configuration for both Brownfield and Greenfield projects as well as concentrate efforts to minimise CAPEX and OPEX whilst providing improved reliability and operating flexibility.

Key onshore references include our work producing a concept design and cost estimate for an onshore gas terminal expansion.  OSL was able to provide an assessment of the short and long term implications of water formation in ageing assets and offer the client a strategic option with associated costs and schedule.