Condensate Recovery & Stabilisation

The purpose of the condensate processing facilities is to stabilise the liquid hydrocarbon phase from slug catchers, hydrocarbon dewpointing facilities and knock out drums to allow export of gas condensate at the required specification and Reid Vapour Pressure. The reliability and availability of a condensate recovery plant is crucial for overall gas production whilst the condensate storage management provides adequate buffering and settling time for the separation of liquid hydrocarbon and other chemicals added upstream for corrosion and hydrate inhibition.

OSL has experience in the design and engineering of a wide variety of devices that are used in the recovery of condensates. These include:

  • Flash Drums
  • Flashed Gas Compressors
  • Stabiliser Columns
  • Heated Separators
  • Heat Exchangers

OSL has worked on several condensate and stabilisation plants providing the following services:

  • Feasibility & Concept Studies for production of new wells
  • Debottlenecking study
  • Equipment design
  • Techno Economic Analysis
  • Process Optimisation
  • Brownfield Modifications
  • Concept studies

OSL has recently completed a liquid handling study for a major operator to evaluate their existing assets for potential bottlenecks and provide permanent solutions to accommodate increased liquids from the production of new wells.