Case Studies

  • Client: Perenco
  • Project: Rationalising gas production infrastructure
  • Location: Bacton, UK


OSL undertook a study, for the client, with the aim of investigating ways of rationalising their Southern North Sea gas production infrastructure. The objective of the study was to look at ways of reducing operational expenditure and increase returns, with declining field reserves.


With declining gas production, many of the assets were operating at well below their original design capacity and working inefficiently. This presented an opportunity to re-assess the requirements and determine areas where equipment and infrastructure could be rationalised.

The study assessed the existing infrastructure, establishing bottlenecks and problem areas on the various platforms and facilities. Particular focus was placed on the gas turbine driven compression facilities to provide the biggest potential saving.

Numerous options to simplify the infrastructure were investigated and the feasibility and benefits of each assessed.

The findings of the study were discussed during the presented to the client, providing them with valuable information on the areas that would be worthy of further investigation.


  • Team located at the client premises to discuss early options and obtain supporting evidence quickly
  • High level overview of the assets
  • Identification of bottlenecks, inefficiencies and savings
  • Quantitative assessment of potential rationalisation options


The nature of the work required regular dialogue with the client team to discuss potential ideas and obtain supporting information quickly. 

The options considered a new basis of design which had a much reduced production rate and different pressure profiles.  A number of ideas were generated which included linking compression systems, pipelines and equipment rationalisation including combining flows into a single onshore terminal.


  • A comprehensive and integrated review of the assets
  • A selection of potential reconfiguration strategies for the business
  • Options which reduced the cost base and asset life extension