Working to Achieve a Safe, Secure and Sustainable Energy System

Working to Achieve a Safe, Secure and Sustainable Energy System

For a number of years, Principal Director Alastair Robertson has been a Committee Member of the Humber branch of the Energy Institute (EI) – the Royal Chartered professional body for the energy industry, serving members across all sectors and disciplines related to energy. As a result of an active interest in the ongoing success and growth of the EI, combined with the drive to seek out new methods of development, Alastair recently took on the role of Trustee on the EI Council, representing the many branches alongside Nicola Murphy of GreenConnectNI and Dr Ibilola Amao FEI.

Alastair now attends four Council meetings in London each year, as well as events and gatherings organised by the Humber branch. His main focus is on governance and to support the EI in delivering on its commitment to develop and share knowledge, skills and good practice towards a safer, more secure, affordable and sustainable energy system.

He is particularly focussed on enhancing, through the branch network, the relationship between the organisation and its members, including individuals, companies and technical partners. The value of EI membership lies in access to the industry collaborative technical work, an unrivalled database of knowledge and information, multiple and varied networking opportunities, as well as discounted rates to industry conferences and training courses. All of which are detailed on the EI website

Thanks to its multi-disciplinary format, the EI membership not only feature engineers, but also analysts, legal and finance specialists, marketing and communications experts and representatives of many other professions, creating an excellent environment for in-depth discussion on every aspect of the energy sector. The EI offers this vast array of knowledge and experience as its USP, and Alastair works on identifying additional ways of linking all of the branches together (19 in the UK and 6 overseas) whilst encouraging members to make full use of the EI’s services, including its comprehensive online resources such as the versatile Energy Matrix.

Alastair said: “The EI has over 23,000 individual members and 250 company members worldwide. This means that members have access to a hub of energy knowledge, standards and expertise on any energy topic. Together, EI members are helping to create a future of safer, cleaner, smarter energy for everyone.”

Through its Principal Director’s engagement with the EI at the highest level, OSL finds itself at the heart of global energy debates. This enables the company to gain valuable insight early on and apply it to projects, which in turn benefits its clients and the community. This commitment to clever thinking is what helps OSL to provide quality implemented solutions across the energy and related sectors.

To keep up to date with future developments, you can connect with Alastair on LinkedIn and follow OSL’s LinkedIn page.