Tofunmi’s Year in Industry

Tofunmi’s Year in Industry

An essential part of OSL’s mission is to attract, train and retain talented people. This is a self-explanatory maxim that has served us well for many years, and will continue to do so for many more to come. Principal Director Alastair Robertson explains why:

“We are a Bronze Corporate member of the IChemE and our Graduate Development Programme is accredited as part of the institution’s Accredited Company Training Scheme. By seeking out young engineers, helping them to develop their knowledge and skills, and then offering them employment, we make their career path smooth and fulfilling. We can think of no better way to support the problem solvers of tomorrow.”

In October 2013, Tofunmi Adelakun joined us for a 40-week placement as part of her course at the University of Bradford. A budding process engineer, Tofunmi has been an asset to the team from the start and a delight to have on board, working on an overseas gas cavern project alongside experienced professionals. Having completed her placement, Tofunmi is now back at the University of Bradford and will soon receive her grades for the year, followed by another two years of study and graduation in 2016.

Resourcing Manager Sarah Taylor joined Tofunmi for her Industrial Placement Poster Day Presentation at the university’s engineering department. Whilst there, Sarah also spoke to the organiser of the event and other students to further understand what young engineers need to progress.

“We’re all so proud of Tofunmi and what she achieved during her time with us,” said Sarah. “By working closely with universities, we hope to continue to attract more young engineers to join our multidisciplined team that’s smart, dedicated and always up to the challenge.”

OSL will stay in touch with Tofunmi during the remainder of her degree. In the meantime, she’s applying the company’s philosophy of Clever Thinking to her studies and excelling more than ever.