The Great Cataloguing Project

 The Great Cataloguing Project

Steph Rothery joined us in early August as our Document Controller. With nine years of relevant experience at Attric, we’re confident that Steph is more than capable of carrying out the mammoth task of creating OSL’s new document library.

Currently, all documents are in storage and undergoing a thorough archiving process, with Steph ensuring that every page is efficiently categorised. This is combined with a revamping of our document control systems and processes, achieving total consistency both within OSL and with the document departments of each client.

“It’s quite a challenge, but a satisfying one,” said Steph, who studied Maths and Biology at Leeds University. “With documents dating from OSL’s inception, it’s also an excellent way to get to know the company inside out.”

A devil for detail at work, in her spare time Steph enjoys a far more leisurely hobby with her fiancé: “We forage for berries and fruit along railway tracks and other public areas. Then we turn it into wines, beers and ciders, or infuse sloes with vodka and gin.” Whilst beers take three months to brew, the wines require at least a year to prepare – further proof of Steph’s dedication and patience.

OSL’s document library is due for completion in late 2014 and will be soundproofed to create the perfect environment for studying records. Meanwhile, Steph’s beers and ciders are quietly fermenting in a dark cupboard at home: “I’ve yet to bring one in. I might save a nice bramble wine for the Christmas party.”