Relocation to the Area Brings Huge Value to the Company

Relocation to the Area Brings Huge Value to the Company

Resourcing Manager, Sarah Taylor, has been dedicated to her role since 2014. Over the last four years she remained in her hometown of Northwich in Cheshire, which is over 120 miles from her desk and required large amounts of remote working. However, thanks to OSL’s ever-growing portfolio of international projects, she has relocated to the Humber region.

Sarah and her partner, Robert, have invested in a home in Barrow upon Humber and are now busy renovating the premises to suit their individual tastes. Whilst removing the long commute and freeing up Sarah’s weekly diary, this development is also highly beneficial for OSL and its clients. 

“The move is advantageous two-fold,” says Sarah. “First of all, from a recruitment perspective, the vast majority of my contacts are based over here, with some pretty much being my new neighbours. I can now maximise my role through close proximity to OSL House and its contractors, easily visiting clients and candidates within a normal working day.”

“Secondly, I have more time to dedicate to my responsibilities by removing the six hours of weekly travel time that was required to get to and from Hull. This is better for everyone and allows stronger communication both within the team and across our wide-ranging customer base.”

Sarah and Robert are currently unpacking and decorating throughout their home, which is easy to achieve now that she is less than a thirty-minute drive from OSL. This also means that Sarah is within a short distance of the regular events that she holds and attends in the region, such as talks and workshops at Caistor Grammar School and the University of Hull.

“We now live in a lovely community at the edge of the village,” says Sarah. “The neighbours have greeted us with such warmth, bringing us gifts and flowers. They’ve referred us to reliable tradesmen in the area too, helping us to make cosmetic changes to the house.”

“One of our contractors, Dave Sleight, even sent me a report that gives an idea of how much traffic there is on the street. Everyone has been so helpful and supportive, which is indicative of the kind and friendly nature of people in the Humber region.”

Meanwhile, Sarah has also moved into her own personal office in OSL House, which provides a contained environment for confidential administration and phone calls. Working on the same floor as Principal Directors, Alastair Robertson and Nick Jones, and Project Delivery Manager, Mark Boden, the team dynamic at OSL has never been stronger.

Sarah, Robert and their chihuahua, Freddi, are very happy about this new chapter in life, with tranquil fields outside their windows and a family of pheasants living nearby. Everyone at OSL welcomes them to the area and recognises the stronger sense of clarity and increased productivity that the move brings.

Sarah Taylor is in charge of filling vacancies and hiring contractors at OSL. To find out more, please visit our Jobs and Contractors to Hire pages.