Reaching a Shared Milestone

Reaching a Shared Milestone

As you may have ready seen, we recently celebrated a decade of trading with a grand day out at Beverley Racecourse (read about it here). This came hand in hand with additional cause for festivities, as two team members reached their tenth anniversary with OSL.

Denise Mason has been an integral part of our Management Team for many years in the form of Finance and Administration Manager. Having joined OSL in 2006, back when the company was run from a home office, her first mission was to set up a structured and highly efficient Finance department. Since then, OSL has relocated to owned property in Priory Park East, which today employs around 70 members of staff across the full spectrum of industry disciplines. Without Denise’s sterling efforts and indomitable spirit, OSL would not be the success that it is today.

The other team member celebrating this impressive milestone is Glenn Foster, an industrious Engineering Designer with a rich and accomplished career at OSL. Working on a wide range of projects over the years, Glenn’s meticulousness, ingenuity and dedication have seen him create countless quality-implemented solutions for our clients, very much personifying the company philosophy of Clever Thinking.

To mark the anniversary whilst simultaneously rewarding their loyalty and service, the duo were presented with gifts by Principal Director Alastair Robertson. For Glenn, some travel vouchers to enjoy during his trip to Europe. As for Denise, a passionate footwear aficionado, she received a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, which she’s reserving for future special occasions. Needless to say, the whole thing proved quite emotional.

At OSL, we pride ourselves on our mission to attract, train and retain not only the very best engineers and designers, but also accomplished professionals for our finance, sales, administration, planning and resourcing departments. That’s why every project that we work on is delivered smoothly and efficiently, to specific requirements and strict deadlines, every single time.

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