Perpetual Expansion

Perpetual Expansion

Over the last few months we’ve welcomed a number of new faces to our engineering and administration teams.

“We make sure to achieve the right balance,” said Operations Manager Neil Barnard. “Each enthusiastic graduate or junior member of staff eager to learn their trade is matched to an experienced senior engineer with enough time to offer mentorship. The company grows organically, with all team members receiving ongoing opportunities to develop their skills and experiences.”

Robert Odigie started working at OSL as a Senior Control and Instrumentation Engineer in early June. His impressive and varied background has seen him manage engineering projects in the Mabilla Plateau of Nigeria and oversee the refurbishment of the heating and ventilation systems of St James’s University Hospital in Leeds. He now lives in Hull and Sheffield and enjoys long walks.

Jane Williams began her role as Project Administrator at the end of July. Having previously worked at SSE Aldbrough, the gas storage facility in East Yorkshire, and with 25 years’ experience in administration, Jane is also the voice you hear when you ring our Hull office, and the first face that greets you when you enter.

Daniel Peary (pictured) has been a Mechanical Engineer at OSL since early September. Educated at Sheffield University, he focuses on designs around stainless steel and works on gas compression and transportation. Daniel now lives in Hull and satisfies his love of rock climbing by visiting the local Rock City on a regular basis. 

Mercy Smith joined OSL in early October. Currently in her second year of a Process Engineering degree at Bradford University, she’s working on the calculations of a methanol project during her forty-week placement with us. “Everyone’s really helpful,” she said, “they’re always there for you.”

We envisage Mercy to have learnt an incredible amount by the time she returns to Bradford to finish her studies and are delighted to be helping her engineering journey.

Darren Hodgson is our most recent new joiner. With over twenty years’ experience in various industries, including oil and gas, automation and explosion-proof equipment, he has extensive professional experience in the design, application and integration of systems for major engineering projects. He is now a Senior Control and Instrumentation Project Engineer at OSL and gets to work closer to home and his family as a result.

“Since September last year we have more than doubled the size of our team based in the Hull office,” said Neil Barnard. “We have brought in a team of builders to help us reconfigure the entire workspace to make it more open plan in order to accommodate the extra workstations we need.”

We’re always welcoming new people into our offices, whether it’s as a placement, work experience, day release or a permanent member of staff. Whilst they get to be part of a dynamic company with the philosophy of “Clever Thinking”, we benefit from a fresh, motivated and intelligent bank of multidisciplined professionals. It’s a win-win situation, and one that helps us to remain a leading provider of project managers and consultant engineers to the gas and oil industry.

“It’s a shared journey,” said Principal Director Alastair Robertson. “No matter how far you go, there’s always something new to learn. We’re constantly developing our skills in this ever-changing industry, and helping people to become the next generation of engineers is all part of the experience.”