OSL Welcomes an Industry Specialist with Vast Experience

OSL Welcomes an Industry Specialist with Vast Experience

Over the last decade, OSL has seen many positive changes in the way it operates. From investing in premises as part of our long-term commitment to the Humber region, to expanding our Continuous Development Programme and mentoring opportunities, we’re always finding ways to apply our philosophy of Clever Thinking. 

A crucial part of this ongoing enhancement is the growth of our Business Development team. Last year the department took on previous Administrator Sarah Weldon, who successfully applied for the position of Proposals Coordinator in mid 2016. Six months later, OSL House welcomed new starter Simon Hudson, who hit the ground running looking after a number of our clients in his role of Account Manager.

Simon has a vast background in the oil and gas sector, as well as in petrochemicals, nuclear power, decommissioning, marine construction and pharmaceuticals. He has also worked extensively in industrial sales, marketing and business development, making him a valuable addition to our ever-growing team.

“My career has covered extensive technical sales duties for a number of blue-chip companies,” said Simon. “These include XERVON Palmers, KAEFER UK, C&D Industrial Services, BIS Salamis, Cleanaway and BAE Systems, stretching back to the 1980s.”

During this time, Simon’s key responsibilities were highly dependent on two-way communication, close collaboration, problem solving skills, and the ability to closely analyse situations in order to allocate the most effective solution.

“It’s about understanding each individual customer,” Simon explains. “There’s no umbrella approach or scattergun method, no one-size-fits-all answer. By responding to specific requirements, the teams at OSL can then design a bespoke service that is both reliable and cost-effective.” 

Having lived in Hull in the past, Simon is now based in the village of South Cave. Fifteen miles outside of the city, its beautiful surroundings and quiet areas are ideal for Simon’s active and creative lifestyle.

“I’m a member of a running club, plus I enjoy cycling and mountain biking. Photography is also a passion and I often dabble in DIY too. I take part in marathons and have done some sailing and skiing. The only thing you won’t catch me doing is bungee jumping!”

With Simon firmly in place in his new role, OSL’s service offering and account management is stronger than ever. 

“Working with the Business Development team, I maintain and nurture relationships with multiple clients, presenting a customer-focused attitude and championing individual needs. That’s what attracted me to OSL in the first place: it’s a rapidly growing company yet it very much puts people first.”

You can connect with Simon on LinkedIn. To keep up to date with developments at OSL, please follow our company page.