One of OSL’s Engineers is a Centrica Storage STAR

One of OSL’s Engineers is a Centrica Storage STAR

Abigail Abiola-Cudjoe joined OSL in early 2012 as a Graduate Process Engineer. Having studied Chemical Engineering BEng at the University of Surrey and relocated to Hull from North West London, she has spent the last few years working on a number of major gas processing and storage projects, and completed a course in Project Controls through the ECITB. During this time, Abigail’s role developed into Process and Project Engineer followed by Bid Manager, the combination of which gave her exceptional insight into how our company operates and evolves.

Since November 2015, Abigail has been carrying out a secondment as a Production Engineer at Centrica Storage Ltd (CSL). Made possible as part of a longstanding collaborative relationship, the position offers substantial opportunity to access intricate knowledge and develop crucial skill sets.

Abigail is part of the Asset Performance Team within CSL, specifically the Reservoir Performance team. Her role is split into three main areas, the first being coordination of the Production Loss Reporting Process. This optimises the availability and reliability of CSL-owned assets, ensuring operational losses are clearly understood and actions are identified to prevent reoccurrence. Abigail’s contribution to this initiative is to identify, report and analyse any losses in order to drive the development of appropriate actions that will prevent reoccurrence. In addition to this, she quantifies the losses in order to determine the impact on the availability of the assets.

The second area is the monitoring of the interface between two adjoining reservoirs, ensuring that there is no pressure communication between the two. Abigail monitors closed-in wellhead pressures, studies trends and checks instrument arrangements, liaising with the offshore teams to ensure that the procedure is carefully followed.

The third main area of her duties is monitoring Well Performance. This includes the provision of support to management for technical and regulatory requests, creating and updating asset performance documentation, and collaborating with well intervention and planning teams to guarantee the commercial impact of the activities are identified and analysed. 

Abigail said: “This placement provides experiences that help me to progress towards achieving Chartership status. During my time at CSL, I have gained a holistic view of engineering operations, which is proving invaluable.”

Abigail has immersed herself so deeply into this chapter of her career that we are delighted to announce an additional success. CSL‘s Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Awards are aimed at recognising employees who have delivered outstanding work in relation to one of their three beliefs: 'We're passionate in all that we do,' 'We do what's right in every decision we make', and 'We look after each other as if we were family'. Every month, a winner is selected by the Senior Leadership Team for each belief from nominations received by colleagues across the company. Abigail, along with fellow Reservoir Performance team members Carol Prince and Bernard Kgomotso, won the award for CSL’s third belief.

During January, Carol, Abigail and Bernard worked hard to not only deliver their own team’s work, but to also assist others in the business to achieve their goals. Working as one team, they provided accurate flow forecasts with changing equipment availability, improved availability reporting by proposing new business metrics, presented their findings at the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) quarterly review, delivered the annual injection season performance report, and trialled new well modelling software.

Adding to these key wins, the team also significantly contributed to other work with tight deadlines, providing additional forecast scenarios for future options work, and helping to populate reporting dashboards.

Andrew Gibson, the Asset Performance Team Manager at CSL, said: "The positive attitude they showed under high pressure, tight deadlines and changing requirements has been fantastic. Not only did the team deliver a substantial amount of its own work, but it helped others to achieve their goals during an exceptionally busy month."

Sarah Taylor, Resourcing Manager at OSL, added: “Abigail’s secondment benefits CSL by providing flexibility in their onboarding and offboarding without the additional cost of recruiting a staff member. The advantage to OSL is site exposure and a significant work experience for one of our multidisciplined engineers. Meanwhile, it also allows OSL to gain greater insight into the way our clients work, enabling in-depth understanding of their processes and a truly integrated approach to creating smart solutions.”

You can connect with Abigail on LinkedIn and keep up to date with OSL developments by following our LinkedIn page.