Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

Abigail Abiola-Cudjoe joined our Company as a Graduate Process Engineer almost eighteen months ago. Having studied Chemical Engineering BEng at the University of Surrey and relocated to Hull from North West London, she has spent her time at OSL working on a number of major gas processing and storage projects.

For the last nine months, Abigail has been taking a course in Project Controls through the ECITB at the Centre for the Assessment of Technical Competence (CATCH) facility in Stallingbrough. Travelling to North East Lincolnshire once or twice a month, as well as studying in her spare time. The course consisted of eight modules that covered benchmarking, finance, change management, risk assessment and an assortment of other essential skills.

“We worked as a group as well as individually,” said Abigail, “and the course included essays, presentations and assessments. It was an intense programme of learning and I feel that I have benefited greatly from gaining a wider perspective, being able to see the whole puzzle and how the pieces fit together.”

Operations Manager Neil Barnard visited the group to watch the final presentation that marked the course’s completion. “Helping our engineers to realise their potential and better themselves is at the heart of our Company philosophy,” he said. “Only by supporting their learning can we build a team that truly embraces our motto of Clever Thinking, and Abigail is an excellent example of this."

Abigail is now working on a minimum facilities oil platform project situated on the west coast of Africa, but her learning journey is far from over. “I want to take my knowledge and understanding further. There’s always more to study, and with OSL I have plenty of opportunities at my fingertips.”