Keeping Projects On Track, On Time and On Brand

Keeping Projects On Track, On Time and On Brand

This year has seen many positive changes at OSL, from new clients and projects, to a significant increase in our staff force. One industry expert who joined us as part of this expansion is Mark Boden, our Project Delivery Manager.

With a strong career history that includes working at Wood Group, Mark brought with him in-depth expertise, practical knowledge and plenty of initiative, which proved invaluable during the setting up of our Civil and Structural Engineering department. As his job title suggests, Mark oversees the management of project delivery across all teams, ensuring quality, consistency, clear communications and commitment to deadlines.

“My role covers the full range of projects,” said Mark. “Some are small and contained, whilst others are long-term and priced in the millions. Whatever the case, each one comes with OSL’s trademark attention to detail and a guaranteed smooth delivery.” 

Originally from Lincolnshire and still based across the nearby Humber Bridge, Mark has an MSc Distinction in Project Management from Aberdeen, plus an MBA in Business Administration with Merit from Hull University Business School. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and continues to keep his finger on the pulse of modern practices.

Explaining more about his duties, Mark said: “The essence of the role is the continuation and development of policies and procedures, the enhancement of the organisation’s structure, and delivering key account projects.”

The result is a more integrated and fluid system of operations, empowering transition and growth. Whilst enabling OSL to evolve, this process also benefits our customers thanks to greater manoeuvrability and a wider set of capabilities.

On top of this, Mark is a key part of our student and graduate development programme. Working with and mentoring keen minds to improve their understanding of a career in STEM, our multi-disciplined specialists are helping to train the next generation of engineers. This includes the nurturing of soft skills such as collaboration, research, decision-making, time management and teamwork, resulting in young visitors gaining that crucial edge over their peers.

Nick Jones, Principal Director, said: "Mark is a very welcome addition to OSL House. His insight and aptitude will significantly boost the management of our delivery power." 

In his spare time, Mark is very much a hands-on hobbyist. Having already renovated two houses, he’s now twelve months into a new challenge that he anticipates will take another five years. The building in question is a farmhouse and its outbuildings dating from 1656, which he is meticulously bringing back to life. Outside of DIY, he enjoys fine wine, food and travel, hence the need to keep fit and healthy through tennis, skiing and other activities. 

“I also manage the forecast for our resource profile, which is fundamental to the delivery of projects and the ongoing development of OSL,” added Mark. “The company is going through big changes. It’s an exciting time and the future is bright indeed.”

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