Congratulations to the Director of OSL Risk Management

Congratulations to the Director of OSL Risk Management

Though a PhD usually takes three years to complete, Elvis Hernandez-Perdomo completed his in just two-and-a-half. This newly received Doctorate in Finance combines perfectly with his PhD in Engineering Science to create a thorough understanding of the commercial landscape.

As a Director of OSL Risk Management, Elvis needs to have a constantly evolving knowledge of certain subjects that are relevant to his profession. His PhD in Finance particularly focussed on corporate governance, company performance, mergers and acquisitions, all of which give insight into potential risks and opportunities. Put simply, he has a firm grasp of how companies across a multitude of sectors are controlled and sustained.

During his learning journey, Elvis seized the opportunity to teach fellow PhD researchers at Hull University Business School. In the process he produced three working papers on his specialist subject, as well as presenting to a group of students from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey as part of an exchange programme with Mexico.

“My PhD is highly beneficial to customers of OSL Risk Management and OSL Consulting Engineering,” says Elvis. “Our main goal is the provision of theoretical and practical knowledge with value-added delivery. By analysing patterns and discerning any risks, we can positively influence corporate decisions, financial and investment strategies, compensation, project management, transparency and risk management practices for businesses in all sectors.”

Elvis also supported other scholars in financial investments and risk management subjects whilst at the university, teaching students from disciplines as diverse as finance, accounting, management, economics, organisational behaviour and marketing. Our specialist strongly believes that it is crucial to have an understanding and links with other sectors in order to generate value for employers, managers, stakeholders and shareholders alike. 

“OSL Risk Management shares OSL Consulting’s philosophy of Clever Thinking,” adds Elvis. “Additional skills and continuous learning fortify the business and allow us to work with customers in a range of sectors, such as oil and gas, banking and insurance, government agencies, higher education, health services, IT and telecommunications, and even hotels and restaurants.”

Elvis and his fellow PhD researchers had their graduation ceremony at Hull City Hall. Also in attendance were OSL Risk Management Chairman, Alastair Robertson, and Director, Nick Jones. And of course, Elvis’s family was there too, joining him from Italy.

“The graduation was excellent”, he says. “Having family and business partners in the same place to celebrate an important achievement that helps the company to grow meant a lot to me and made for a great celebration.”

He adds: “I would like to thank some of my PhD colleagues, Reshan Thapa, Julija Danilova and David Ross; the Internal Examiner, Professor Robert Hudson; and my Supervisor, Dr Yilmaz Guney. Most of all, huge gratitude goes also to Daniela, who recently achieved IChemE Chartership in her role as Process Engineer at OSL Consulting.”

Following a little time off with his family to show them what Hull has to offer, as well as trips to York and Lincoln, Elvis is now busy planning the European Convention in Quantitative Methods and Risk Management, which will take place at the University of Hull in June. The event will see scholars, professors, managers and directors unite on common ground to talk about best practices, risk management implementations, and how to control potential losses.

“OSL Risk Management is dedicated to creating and building relationships with universities and professionals,” says Elvis. “By promoting corporate governance practices and decision making tools, we’re building a culture around responsible and forward-thinking risk management.”

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