Assuring a Steady Flow of Business

Assuring a Steady Flow of Business

A specialist in flow assurance, OSL-Petroflow strengthens OSL’s offering of oil and gas services, providing clients with another level of expertise that would otherwise need to be hired out.

Flow assurance is based around the understanding of how liquids flow in pipes, generally undersea, and how low temperatures and the undulations of the seabed affect flow rates. Ensuring that liquids continually travel at optimal speed without freezing is reliant on finely tuned calculations, precise planning and meticulous mechanical engineering.

OSL-Petroflow, which is located in central Aberdeen, has recently taken on Bishop Falope (pictured) as Director. Alastair Robertson, a Principal Director at OSL, based in Hull, said this of him:

“Bishop fits our philosophy perfectly, he’s a smart guy with an outstanding background in engineering and business management. We wanted him on board and together we formed OSL-Petroflow to pool our resources to create an adaptable new service.”

Having previously worked for over five years as the Director of PetroFlow Integrated Consultants, operating in Aberdeen and Lagos, Nigeria, Bishop Falope has already earned a well-respected reputation in the city. His experiences from numerous major and complex projects allowed him to dive straight into his new role and develop a multidisciplined team of engineers and business development experts.

“The key to our success is to do things differently and cleverly,” said Alastair, “to know where to push the boundaries and how far we can push them.”

This sound company ethic has led to the expansion of the Aberdeen office, with ten new jobs being created and extra business flowing into the city from across the world, as well as the opening of a third office in Great Yarmouth.

The Aberdeen branch also supports budding professionals by offering mentorship.

“This benefits both sides,” explained Alastair, “young people get help to discover their true potential and develop their skills by working with seasoned experts, whilst we get to attract, train and retain new members of staff.”

In recent years the main emphasis of the Aberdeen office has been the EKB project, a BP joint venture, but more work is commencing now that the team has expanded and refined its services. OSL-Petroflow is fuelling Aberdeen’s local economy by attracting new business to the area, and will continue to do so as its project portfolio grows.