An Interview with… Jay Parekh, Lead Process Engineer

An Interview with… Jay Parekh, Lead Process Engineer

Jay Parekh joined OSL in autumn 2015 as Lead Process Engineer. Responsible for managing our Process team, the role is heavily based in project management, technical specifications and quality assurance of client deliverables. Simultaneously, Jay works alongside Richard Drake, Head of Business Development, to develop quality solutions for a range of technical challenges.

In this interview, Jay explains how OSL’s Process team thinks outside of the box to meet the needs of new and existing customers.


Can you tell us about your team's capabilities?

The Process team at OSL is a unique blend of youth and experience with wide-ranging capabilities. We have a number of advanced technical specialists capable of executing all manner of design, from feasibility and the conceptual stage, to full implementation and detailed engineering.

We also have strong advance process engineering capabilities, which allow us to carry out dynamic modelling and flow assurance analysis. It is this spectrum of experience, combined with the company’s ethos of Clever Thinking, which enables OSL to tackle all manner of projects across the UK and abroad.


What does this Process work entail?

Our Process Engineers combine Chemical Engineering principles with practical operation and design practices to deliver safe and cost-effective solutions, within tight timeframes. Whilst some projects are textbook examples of gas and oil sector requirements, others demand intense innovation, patience and dexterity.


What is the Process team's role in delivering a project?

Process Engineers at OSL take a problem from a client and provide a unique answer. We achieve this by first ensuring that our client is clear about what they want, making sure not to take anything for granted during the very early stages of a project. We then combine our vast experience in all types of projects with our Clever Thinking philosophy, leading to a safe, efficient, sustainable and tailored product.


You can connect with Jay on LinkedIn and keep up to date with OSL developments by following our company page.