An Interview with… Beverley Magumise and Joshua Ojera

An Interview with… Beverley Magumise and Joshua Ojera

Beverley Magumise and Joshua Ojera are Graduate Process Engineers based at OSL House. Working on a range of projects to bring quality-implemented solutions to our customers, the young duo has followed a very similar path to get where they are today. In fact, their paths are so similar that we decided to interview them together, giving insight into their background, career development and aspirations.


Beverley and Joshua, you’ve known each other for some time. You studied together, relocated together, and now share a house and carpool to work. How has that worked out for you?

BEVERLEY: I see Josh all of the time and we still get along really well, so to me that means it’s working. It’s great to have someone to share a career journey with.

JOSHUA: On the whole it's worked out better than expected. Before we came to OSL, we were friends (and hopefully we still are now), and in the beginning it was definitely comforting to have a familiar face in Hull. Now I'm settled and enjoying my time in the city, at work and outside of the office.


What courses did you study to begin your journey to becoming engineers, and where did you study? 

BEVERLEY: We both studied an undergraduate Masters in Chemical Engineering (with a year in industry) at Swansea University. It’s an excellent university, providing us with a diversity of experience and opportunities.


Following graduation, what was the next step?

BEVERLEY: Working as a Process Engineer was a natural progression. I wanted to work in the oil and gas industry for a design consultancy because I needed a really challenging environment with plenty of variation.

JOSHUA: The next step for me was to find employment in a consultancy company, preferably in the oil and gas markets. A consultancy format appealed to me because of the number and variety of different duties that would be available.


You both attended an OSL Graduate Assessment Day; what was it about the company that appealed to you? 

BEVERLEY: I remember feeling comfortable and not panicking at the interview. The environment was professional yet relaxed, and the people were very easy to be around; that's what ultimately drove me to say yes to the job and move to Hull.  

JOSHUA: Before attending the Graduate Assessment Day, it was the company's focus on graduates becoming Chartered engineers that attracted me to OSL. A company of OSL's size having IChemE Bronze Corporate Partner status (which is now a Silver status) was also a massive positive. Also, the list of well-known clients was really appealing.


How has OSL helped you to expand your skills and better understand a career in energy?

BEVERLEY: Having never worked in the energy industry when I joined, every day at OSL was bound to be an education. The company encourages membership with IET, the Energy Institute and the IChemE. I go to a range of different events hosted by these bodies, and I’m able to learn about the industry theoretically outside of the office as well as in my everyday working life.

JOSHUA: Well, on day two I was thrown into my first project (a feasibility study for one of our larger clients, a national energy company with local facilities and offices), which was very motivating. As part of my progression at OSL, I'm constantly presented with new challenges that require skills development and ingenuity. The company and its people have helped me to expand my skills by tailoring roles and projects, ensuring that I receive well-rounded experience. Some of the projects have included working on LNG, offshore platforms and onshore gas terminals.


How is OSL helping you to progress towards becoming a Chartered Engineer?

BEVERLEY: I was allocated a mentor in my first week and we have regular meetings. This provides a platform where I can voice my concerns about the path of my career within the company, and also get feedback on how I'm performing. There are a few people on the Graduate Scheme that are at different stages, so each day I get to see potentially which responsibilities and capabilities I will possess as I progress towards Chartership. 

JOSHUA: OSL’s Graduate Scheme is aligned with the IChemE’s Competence and Commitment guidelines, ensuring that at the end of the programme you'll have enough experience to satisfy the requirements for Chartered status. Quarterly meetings with my mentor are also ideal for setting targets that aid career development. With so many disciplines included and developments available, some of my colleagues have had the opportunity to go offshore in the North Sea, which is great experience.


OSL operates a mentoring scheme that is championed by our Principal Directors, Alastair Robertson and Nick Jones. To find out more, please visit our Mentoring section.