A Very Appealing Proposal

A Very Appealing Proposal

Sarah Weldon joined OSL three years ago, taking on the position of Administrator and the many challenges and opportunities that come with it. With an excellent track record that has seen her relish additional responsibilities outside of the original remit, Sarah recently applied for a role in our Business Development department. Performing incredibly well in the interview and explaining a range of ways in which she will take the company forward, we’re delighted to announce that Sarah is now our Proposals Coordinator.

As part of her varied and demanding role, Sarah is undergoing a structured training plan alongside her duties for the next twelve months. The main responsibility of the newly created position is to ensure that all information is 100% correct, working with the different teams at OSL to create powerful proposals that are bespoke, innovative, and delivered on time, every time.

With a diverse employment history, Sarah first applied to OSL whilst working at Comet as the Maintenance and Facilities Manager. A mum of two young girls who at the time were under three years old, this move allowed a better work/life balance. Over the past three years, with the girls now in school, Sarah has had multiple opportunities to increase her skill set and develop her remit. This has worked out very well indeed, as the new career path is perfectly in line with her degree in Business Management, presenting a range of duties that require a sharp mind and the capacity for adaptability. This allows Sarah to effectively respond to the energy industry’s ever-evolving techniques, applications and markets, presenting our customers with quality-implemented solutions. 

“I’m now shadowing Richard Drake, Head of Business Development,” said Sarah. “Meanwhile, I’ve been training our new Administrator, Judith Moore, so that she can hit the ground running.”

This new role will also allow Sarah to work toward an additional qualification following a successful year of personal development. With her assignments being highly dependent on versatility and a deep understanding of OSL’s values and capabilities, our new Proposals Coordinator is taking her first steps on a highly rewarding career path with unlimited potential. 

You can connect with Sarah on LinkedIn and keep up to date with OSL’s news and projects on our company page.