A Guiding Hand

A Guiding Hand

It’s to be expected that a gas and oil consultancy company will present a working environment filled with energy. From the conceptualisation of new sustainable systems to research projects into the optimisation of existing ones, there’s never a lazy day at the OSL offices.

Our people are at the very core of our company. Some are seasoned engineers with years and even decades of practical, technical and scientific practice behind them, whereas others are graduates fresh out of university, taking the first steps of their journey to becoming chartered engineers. Whatever an individual’s experience, strengths, professional interests and aspirations, we help as many people as possible to reach their goals in life.

“We pride ourselves on being a first choice for students and professionals alike,” said Alastair Robertson, Principal Director. “It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, as we get the opportunity to attract, train and retain the very best that the UK and indeed the world has to offer.”

One example of a young process engineer demonstrating her potential and expanding her horizons daily is Mercy Smith (on the left of photo), a University of Bradford student who has now completed a 40-week industrial placement at OSL’s Hull headquarters as part of her degree course.

“My time at OSL has been incredibly valuable,” said Mercy. “Working side-by-side with multidisciplined experts has allowed me to see both the fine details and the big picture, the combination of which makes up the workings of the company as a whole. I have experienced a wide variety of projects abd studies during my time with OSL.”

“We will miss Mercy,” said Neil Barnard, Operations Manager, “but we’re delighted to see her progress to the next phase of her education and budding career. Being an intrinsic part of students’ and graduates’ life experiences will always be extremely rewarding for our company.”

Recent months have seen Process Engineer Abdullah Khan, and Administrator Sarah Weldon swiftly find their feet within the Company.

“September sees us taking on yet another engineer in the education stage of their career,” added Neil. “Oluwatofunmi Adelakun has joined the team from the University of Bradford just in time for our move into brand new premises on Priory Park East in Hull. In addition, Jonny Elvidge, a graduate of Bath University, and Paul Kaliafetis a Senior Mechanical Engineer will also be joining our team later in the month.”

Strong links with the University of Hull, University of Bradford, the IChemE’s Accredited Company Training Scheme and BEEP (the Business, Enterprise and Education Partnership) means that OSL will always provide comprehensive educational placements for students, career opportunities for graduates, and an excellent working environment filled with continuous development plans for staff.

“It’s all part of our philosophy of Clever Thinking,” said Alastair. “Give the specialists what they need to grow, and before you know it the entire company will flourish.”