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OSL have established engineering staff with experience in commissioning, servicing the oil and gas industry. At the Commissioning stage we endeavour to test the entire process to its maximum rating and capacity of operation. Our main objective is to influence the safe handover of the process from construction to operations, ensuring its reliability and performance.

We manage this through:

  • Functional testing
  • Reviewing operational performance
  • Retrospective re-commissioning of existing buildings

We encourage early integration between the commissioning and project teams to plan ahead for commissioning requirements across the entire project lifecycle. This allows us to apply engineering techniques that identify and schedule commissioning requirements early, enabling timely detection of possible schedule delays. We endeavour to ensure that commissioning procedures are developed in line with operating needs.

OSL is capable of meeting client’s needs due to our vast experience in commissioning plants for our clients. Our multidisciplinary team adds value to each project enabling our clients to benefit from a seamless transition between construction and operation. Through efficient transfer of knowledge to your operation and maintenance teams we manage the gap between client expectations, design intent and the finished product. Ultimately we deliver commissioning reports that ensure device conformity and conformity to your internal standards.


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