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Christmas at Paolo’s

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This year for the Christmas party, OSL visited Paolo’s on Lowgate in Hull, also known as The Old Custom House. Located in the heart of the Old Town, this historic building’s bold façade gives way to warm and welcoming surroundings, which presented the perfect setting for the team to bond over some merrymaking.

A family-run Italian restaurant with a vibrant atmosphere, the Christmas menu offers a variety of dishes but surprisingly no turkey. Deciding to try something different, a number of the team chose the festive pheasant; they very happily surprised with just how tender the game bird can be, especially when served with delicious glazed vegetables. In true Christmas spirit, there were also some excellent wines to wash it all down.

Everyone was in high spirits throughout the night, especially thanks to the staff at Paolo’s going to every length to give all thirty-four of us a top customer experience. Putting a stop to what could have become an OSL tradition, this year there was no karaoke, but some of the team did break off into splinter groups after the meal to sample Hull’s eclectic nightlife. All in all, it was a highly enjoyable evening and the perfect opportunity to celebrate a year of expansion and development.

Operations Manager Neil Barnard said: “OSL would like to thank everyone at The Old Custom House for their fantastic customer service and give our compliments to the chef. We recommend the venue to anyone looking for a friendly eatery with a variety of mouth-watering dishes.”

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