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To ring in the New Year, our Hull office is now enjoying a more spacious, productive and open-plan environment, as extensive redevelopment has resulted in an additional 25% desk space by absorbing unnecessary rooms.

With the amalgamation of two project planning areas and a separate finance and administration department into the wider office, the whole team now benefits from improved visibility, accessibility and communications. Every aspect was taken into account when the plans were drawn up, from a more logically placed reception desk to a truly effective archive library. The revamp means that we can further increase our capacity for undertaking projects in-house. It will also help with our focus on graduate training and work placements, as our seasoned specialists have the space to help prospective engineers achieve their goals. Whilst here, they will learn everything from the Company philosophy of “Clever Thinking”, to the minute details that are helping us change how the gas and oil industry operates.

This could not have been achieved at a better time, as on 8th January we held our first Graduate Assessment Day. Specially selected graduates visited OSL to perform in-depth interviews, meet the team, deliver a formal presentation, and of course enjoy informal chats with our multidisciplined engineers about how the energy sector is transforming through new ideas and heightened environmental responsibility. OSL’s strong relationship with the IChemE and our institute-approved graduate training scheme were identified by the candidates as a key determiner in the application process. OSL contributed to the IChemE’s graduate supplement in its publication ‘The Chemical Engineer’, and this led to a significant response to graduates applying for the opportunity to join us and enter the energy industry.

Having enjoyed a very successful day of learning, discovery and proving their worth, our visitors left the office feeling motivated, with the added bonus of understanding what is involved in the full OSL journey from raw graduate to chartered engineer. Job offers will be offered shortly, and we’re certain that the selected new starters will be as excited about their futures as we are.  

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